Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've been very busy these past few weeks. So excuse my ever so long update to you guys who reads my blog :) to sum things up. I had a nice Valentine's Day this year and i enjoy spending most of my time with my family and friends that's always there for meee :) and owh yaa,i am honoured to receive Principal Award from my college for my 3.70 cgpa :D although my pointer drop from 3.84 to 3.70 i am still thankful for it :D hahah! Screw you people who tought that I'm a bimbo and whatsoever. I prove you guys wrong! HAHAHAH! So,hmmmm. . I'll update more when i get the chance to update again,like duh! Hahah! ↲Love Loveeeee :)  audreyambroseee.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Thank God my Saturday this week is not that lame by browsing through tv channels and just plain sitting in my room.. Hahah!
I went to Sunset Splash Pool Party at Promenade Hotel at 6pm then we partayyyy hard with the free flows of beers, foods and snacks..
*special thanks to Melissa and Vien*

How to compete with that? Hahah! Eyyhhh.. Wait, I just wish there were more guys that came to the party though :) Heheh!

I'll upload the photos on my next post lah *malas*

After the pool party we went to Whiteroom..
Next thing I know I was out with THEM..
Head to Firefly then to Emperor then back to Whiteroom, hahah!

Arrived home safely around 4.30am..
Heh, what a night huh?! :)

Love :)