Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Behind the scene.

Do take note that I prefer taking pictures rather than writing so just follow the sequence of the photo and I'll guide you with the caption below it :) hahah.

Had a photoshoot with these two gorgeous girlfriend of mine.

* Muka happy bila mahu minum air kelapa sejukkk :) Kimmy at the back belum sampai air kelapa dia :P

After that Kim pindah duduk dengan kami :) and of course kemestian adalah dengan mengambil gambar :D

Lukannnn! Arghhh! Sedapppp :) *another important note. We actually stopped 5 times for yam cha throughout this photoshoot. Thanks to the kind hearted photographer Anderson and Dennis :) Unfortunately, I didn't take picture of all the restaurant that we dine. Sebab lapar kan,no time to even think about taking pictures :P tapi yang ini,perut sudah diisi and if I'm not mistaken this was the 4th stop of the day :)

Taking picture inside the car is a must for me! :D Love you Kimmy!

Dan semestinya mengambil gambar sendiri semasa di set :P sementara menunggu giliran untuk diambil gambar :P

Kimmy on set and Ebeb stand by memegang tisu. And I'm the extra photographer :P hahah

Giliran saya pula :) i'm not wearing high heels that time cos it was a portrait shoot :)

 While I was being photographed, ini dua manusia juga busy mengambil gambar menggunakan kamera handphone saya :)

Uisehhhh :D

Dennis was sweating like hell holding the flash. Thanks Dennis :P

Loveeee youuuu Beb :D

And how's the result? :P heheh.

Much loveeeeeeee from ussss :)

Love :

Thursday, June 3, 2010

03 June 2010

Went to St.Michael to watch the Unduk Ngadau since my brother Arnold girlfriend is participating. She got 2nd runner up by the way. Met up with my high school teachers and all.. Being in St.Michael seriously brings back the good old memories. Although some I regret being friends with cos turns out that so-called-friend never appreciate the meaning of the word friendship. So,yeaaa.. I miss wearing school uniform, I miss the high school surroundings, I miss hanging out with friends early in the morning and rushed for my duty as a prefect, I miss the smell of my uniform (weird huh?! hahah) I miss walking to school, I miss eating the canteen food, I miss the toilet coupon, I miss the science lab, I miss the teacher's room, I miss my classroom, I miss my friends. I will replace what I have now for my high school years :(

Sigh ..

Okay,enough Audrey.

Hmmm,after the Harvest Festival in St.Michael. I went to the post office to collect my item that I bought through online shopping. I bought a dress and a jacket. I love it! Sure I will post the photo soooon :)

Then went to Maybank to transfer some $$. I recently ordered a 120 eyeshadow pallete! Wohoooo! Can't wait for it. The person told me that through Pos Laju the item will arrive in 2 days. So, I'm counting man.

I know it's not MAC or anything but I'm not a professional make up artist anyway so this is a start for me :P

I'm so going to have LOADS of fun with this stuff..

And I seriously need to stop shopping man, some of my dress pun belum kena guna ni. Aiyaaa..

I just love to own something that I love! I can't help it >.<


I received a phone call just now from the guy that did my photoshoot with Harian Metro.
He told me that some girls in KL said that a girl like me that owns a tattoo is considered as unvirgin. Tell me people,is that so? Or dorang kampungan? Come on lah! Tattoo is an art, each tattoo has it's own personal meaning and so do mine. You can't just simply jump into conclusion that it's the other way you stupid!
Reality check honey, this is the new century!!!
My dad and family are okay with it. So be gone you jealous peeps! Hahah!

That's all that I want to blog about today :P hahah!

Love Love Loveeeeee,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Highlights on May :)

I know I haven't been updating my blog when I promise that I will, it's just that I'm kinda hectic at the moment and I online my Facebook pun through my phone. It's a bit complicated to write for my blog using handphone right. So, I hope you guys understand :P as if someone is reading my blog :/


09th May 2010. Went to mum's graveyard to send her flowers for Mother's Day. I love you always mummy :)
Since it's the holiday season, most of my friends are back here on their holiday.

Photoshoot with Harian Metro for the personality column.
I'll only post the photo here. You can view the whole article here.


Went jalan-jalan around KK with the family,that includes visiting the Wildlife Park, the Museum, Signal Hill.

 *view from Signal Hill :)

The next day, went to Manukan Island with Ervina and her significant other. I had a blast. And take note here that I woke up at 8 and off to Makukan at 9.30. We were there until 2. My sister fetched me at the port the head to Crocodile Farm, Tuaran. Went to Grace Point for a quick dinner. Arrived home at 8. Rest for awhile then head to Whiteroom at 11. I should name myself Wonder Woman! Hahah

Here are the photos to prove :P

Went for a family dinner with the whole family including Melissa's fiancee TJ. Welcome to the family TJ! :)

I'll update more soon.
Love Love Loveeeee :