Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mid term exam! Fishhhh!

Yeap! My mid term exam is here! Thank God I only have 2 paper to sit for this semester. History of Graphic Design are over and tomorrow I'll be sitting for my Critical and Creative Thinking exam. To tell you the truth, nothing seems to make any sense to me about this subject. And the worst thing is that its just common sense but URGHHH! I'm gonna burn the mid night oil tonight to absorb as much as I can for this subject. Owh please please please do me good tomorrow! But then again by just hoping for luck without doing any revision, what's the point right? Hahah, okay okay. I'm gonna end my post about my exam here. I know I shouldn't be complaining cos I spent my whole week last week having the time of my life in KL. Hahah! Study mode back on Audrey! *as if* hahahah!

Loveee and a little bit stressed,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 03, 2010.

I am in KL already as we speak. Hahah!
Arrived at 1.30pm just now and went to Mid Valley with Merl and TJ to grab lunch. We went to Sushi King cos I'm craving over sushi since I was in KK. Then went to Pet Wonderland to buy some accessories for my hamters, Lula and Bubba. I miss them already :(

Then head to Nose for another collection of 6 inch stilleto :P

Now I'm at Merl and TJ's place in Kajang watching Criminal Minds Season 5.

Have no idea what's the plan for tonight. Anyho,looking forward to anything that is going to happen :) xx


Love :

Monday, November 1, 2010

01 November 2010.

Its the first day of November alreadyyyy!
Owh my time flies real fast man.I mean it 2009 was just like yesterday. Time passes in a glimpse. Thats's a little bit scary though. Cos each time passes I grow a little bit older. Pftttt! 30th of November coming soon in no time and that time I am officially 20 PEOPLE!

So to start my day today, I got up at 11am then watched Hellcats for awhile.Although Hellcats seems a little but lame but it was okay for me since I got all the time in the world. Hahahah

Then went downstairs for lunch (I am actually pouring all the details man,hahah! Sorry.)
Cleaned up the hamsters cage since I'm leaving to KL on Wednesday need to clean it up and make sure their cage is as comfortable as ever so that they won't miss me much :P hahah!

So after that I went out with Kimmy, Harrod and the gang. Went for high tea then head to futsal to see them play. Yea, I know. But time really flies when I'm out with them. I don't feel stressed and I love their company. They seriously know how to cheep me up :) well, you know all the recent DRAMASSS that happened to me.

Soooo. As I was saying, I'm flying off to KL this Wednesday. Yeaaap, I need a break from ALL THESE drama and since my sister and cousin are there. Tadaaaaa! A great way to relieve my stress and for me to not think about any of the shit that I am going through. I'm gonna party my arse off and meet up with my friends there!!! YESSS!!! And and andddd. I'm gonna try the BUNGEE JUMPING!!! FUCK YEAH!

I hope this trip will boost back my confidence level and basically I need to feel free and alive again. Hahah!

But the again I HAVEEEE to STUDY since I heard my mid term will be next week and I'm gonna be in KL. I vow to find time to study when I am there :P

So to end my post here, this is what I had for dinner. Hahah!

Yeap, a bottle of orange juice. Don't mind the messy clothes and the boobies! HAHAHAHAHAH

Loveeee :
audreyambroseeee :)