Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And then He came :)

Despite all the never ending drama that has happened, I'm glad I will welcome the New Year with someone new in my life and I hope this will last :) it's way too early to tell but I'm enjoying his company every time we're together. I feel safe and secure around him :) I am not ready to let the world know just yet who is this mystery guy but its more than enough for you guys to know that I am feeling happy and loved again :P

So yea, Christmas is coming. Even though I don't really feel the Christmas spirit cos final exam is around the corner and I am struggling me arse off to finish up my final project and to do some revision for my final exam which is in early January. Gulp! Now tell me how am I suppose to celebrate Christmas and New Year with joy and fun? Sigh.

Sayang, I wanna go for a holiday after my exam okay? :P hahah!

So yeaa, I guess this will be my little update for the time being. I need to push up my pointer for this semester. Amen!

Love and lotsa kisses :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My 20th birthday!

I am 20 already. Owh noo! Can't imagine time flies so fast. It's amazing how one second you were still in diapers and in a flash you're on your own already. Every year I don't have that annual birthday dinner with the family like most family but that doesn't matter actually. Cos as cliche as it may sound, I know that their kind thoughts matters the most to me. So this year, my cousin Jess and Mira planned a birthday countdown for me to celebrate with friends. Cos I thought of just going to hit the club on my birthday and just bump into whoever and so on like that. I'm touched and flattered that most of my close friends are there to celebrate the big transition from the figure 19 to 20. Yeaa, I know I am still young to be nagging about this age thingy, but sometimes I do wonder about the time that I have wasted and how I wish to redo it all back. But hey, that's life right?

So,here are some of the photos that were taken on my birthday celebration :) enjoy!

Love :