Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And then He came :)

Despite all the never ending drama that has happened, I'm glad I will welcome the New Year with someone new in my life and I hope this will last :) it's way too early to tell but I'm enjoying his company every time we're together. I feel safe and secure around him :) I am not ready to let the world know just yet who is this mystery guy but its more than enough for you guys to know that I am feeling happy and loved again :P

So yea, Christmas is coming. Even though I don't really feel the Christmas spirit cos final exam is around the corner and I am struggling me arse off to finish up my final project and to do some revision for my final exam which is in early January. Gulp! Now tell me how am I suppose to celebrate Christmas and New Year with joy and fun? Sigh.

Sayang, I wanna go for a holiday after my exam okay? :P hahah!

So yeaa, I guess this will be my little update for the time being. I need to push up my pointer for this semester. Amen!

Love and lotsa kisses :)