Monday, February 28, 2011


I always forgot to update my blog, I am truly sorry dear followers :) I think cos my life is basically almost the same every single day hence that's why I seldom blog about it. Cos I bet I'll bore you guys with nonsense talk. Heheh! And FYI, I'm blogging right through my iPhone at the moment. How cool is that? I've been dreaming about owning iPhone 4 since early last year and I finally got it right before Christmas :) thanks to EHEMMMM that is :) I'm on my 6th semester already, time really did fly that fast ehh? And next year after I graduate I'm making my move to KL, hmmm. Not that sure whether I'm 100% ready to leave KK just yet. Although you prolly see me bragged about leaving KK most of the time from my twitter and Facebook.

About my weight issue? Yes, still the same. Am still struggling to lose few pounds and regain my old body back, to be specific my 2008 body where I was quite active with modeling back then :( it's sad cos I am only young once where I can get all the experience and fun by joining pageants and stuff. So yes, everyday is a daily inspiration for me to lose more and more weight in the time to come :)

Love life? A little bit complicated although I am not attached to anyone at the moment. It's just hard for me to commit into a relationship when my previous relationship doesn't work and it turned out to be a whole lot of mess! But I do hope to be stable with someone, in time :)

So basically that's all I want to update at the moment :)

Hugs and kisses! :)

Love ;