Monday, June 27, 2011

It's SonaOneeee :)))

Finally I've met Mika @ SonaOne !!! All thanks to Karmal for being so nice!! Thanks so much for spending time with us. Hopefully I can get to hang with you guys again soon. In fact I'm so gonna celebrate my birthday here in KL! Owh by the way Mika and I share the same birthday :) November 30th :))) okay I am still head over heels about finally meeting Mika for a quick lunch. Merl, I love you for making my trip all worthwhile :)))

Hugs and kisses :)

And since Mika loves beads, I got him a purple beads :)))

Thanks Karmal! :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My dad, the man I love most.

Daddy has always been there for me, after mum passed away when I was 2, daddy automatically became both my mum and dad. Although losing mum was hard but I was 2. The pain is not the same after 18 years. Cos I spent 21 years knowing my dad and how wonderful he was as a person and also how he loves his family so much.

He may not be perfect but I never in a million years would want to trade him for a better father.
He thought me a lot. From appreciating something, no matter what's the value. And he also thought me to be thankful of what we have.
My dad is a very simple and loving person, he loves to tell stories of his life when growing up.
I was always fascinated at how hardworking he was to provide food for the family and nevertheless to be love one another as a family, no wonder my siblings and I are so close to each other. We got that from dad :)

Although I have lost my mum, cousins, uncles, aunties and also one of my close friend, the pain is still not the same. I never would have thought that I'll lose him so soon, it's not fair to take away my dad from me Lord. I still want to have him around.

Everything happened so fast, I couldn't really tell how I feel. How am I suppose to move on. I am trying my best to live life as normal as it is, although I know nothing will ever be the same again. Never.

I miss you so much dad. I never love any man as much as I have loved you.
I love you always and forever. Till we meet again.

In loving memory of my late dad, Andrew Ambrose @ Andrew Dumpangol ( 04th Feb 1950 - 01st June 2011)

Love :