Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Facebook account has been hacked!

So yea 3days ago my Facebook account has been hacked, the stupid hackers went and changed my email that was synced to my Facebook and it's a dead end for me. I can't do anything but to report it cos they only way to recover it is that they will send a recovery password to my email but as I've mentioned earlier they even changed my email to . Totally wtf right?! If you do wanna hack my account why don't you find a nice email add, this is embarrassing for me mayne. Pffftttt! What saddened me the most is that I've been using that account since late 2007 and I've made tons of great people from there but now? I have to start from scratch, good thing is that I can actually keep track approving the friend requests laa. And not forgetting about all the photos in that account. Owh my, just the thought of it makes me sad. This is the second time my Facebook has been hacked, the first time they only managed to change my password so it's still easy for me to recover but this? I wanna say thank you la to this particular person. Well like my sister always told me, you only have haters when you have fans. I just need to stay positive. Hmmm, so yea. I've created a new account under the name Audrey Marylyn Ambrose. So whoever that is reading this and was my friend on my previous account, please do add me back okay?

Talk soon!


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Island with <3

So I just got back from Mamutik Island with my bestfriend since high school, Michelle and group of her friends. I miss her so much and what we've been through together all these years. We've grown so far and the best thing is that you're still the same person that I knew since 2003! I'm gonna miss you so much, hopefully I'll get to visit you in Miri soon :) *fingers crossed* love you long time babe! :) xxx

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