Monday, January 7, 2013

My review on The KadazanDusun Story

The KadazanDusun Story is an interesting documentary which everyone in general should watch especially the youth nowadays. It creates awareness about the importance of knowing and at the same time learn a thing or two about our roots. The world we are living in today are technologically improved and everyone is into social media. But it's always nice and wise to go back to basic & learn about our roots & heritage. The tradition that was practiced back then, we can always try our best to apply it on daily basis so that it won't become extinct in decades to come. I'm positively sure that 50% of us here right now are not aware of the importance of our roots. Some might think it's a shame to speak our mother tongue. How many of you can actually speak the actual language of your roots? I, myself, I regret the fact that I can't really speak moreover communicate using the native Kadazan language. But it's never too late to learn, because everyday is a learning process.


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