Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I recently went to MTV WORLD STAGE which was held in Sunway Lagoon. I was with my cousins and sister, thank God for last minute passes, my sister and I managed to get in! The concert started at 7.30pm on the dot which is a +1 cos they started on time! 

Our local hip hop act, Flizzow came out as the opening act, I remember singing along "Untukmu" and but of course when they sang "Who Do It Better". I think by now everyone knows that I'm a huge fan of Sonaone cos, eh what am I kidding I don't need to tell you why :P haha okay Audrey, moving on. To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of Kpop, so when EXO came out (I can say, 40% of the crowds are girls that go cray cray over them lol) I wasn't that excited. There were 12 of them, I mean 12 group members of EXO. Can you imagine how packed the stage were? Haha they sang like 4 songs if I'm not mistaken. Far East Movement killed it! They were awesome! Since most of their songs are on radio almost always, I didn't realize it but I memorized their lyrics (super powahhh hahaha). "Like A G6" is  of course the highlight of the show cos everyone sang along! I couldn't remember how many songs they performed cos I was dancing and singing along, I remember having a good time! Hehe so the final act, Robin Thicke came out and he introduced himself repeatedly and by doing that, you know he's one humble person cos we know you who are!! Remember the twerking with Miley Cyrus on VMA? And now he's here live!! That's the thought that I was having that night hahaha remember when I said, 40% of the crowd are fans of EXO? Yea, they left after EXO performed and we managed to squeeze in near the stage! And I was so close to Robin Thicke when he sang "Blurred Lines"!! I have a instavid to prove that! After writing all of these I forgot one important detail, when I arrived the Surf Beach in Sunway Lagoon, my iPhone's on 20% and I thought hey, here's my powerbank. Yes my powerbank was inside my bank. So it's a go, I still can take selfies and all. I took out my powerbank and there I was with the wrong cable to charge my iPhone -_- now imagine.